Bringing new souls

We believe in Gods vision of multiplication and growth “I will make you fruitful and multiply you” Genesis 48:4, and this is why our church has focused on winning souls and making disciples teaching them what God has instructed us.

The work of family groups began with a vision of growth and the desire to make Jesus known to the people. We started by going outside of our four walls and having meetings with those that need an encounter with Jesus.

The family group strategy focus on reaching everybody and through this groups people receives training at the homes and in that way, we involve the whole church in the evangelistic efforts as well as the preaching of the word of God.

Since we started with this project we have been able to see God’s hand with us and He has granted us immediate growth and multiplication results.

We are actually having family meetings throughout the Country in provinces as Panama, Chiriqui, Colon and Darien.