Through God we shall do valiantly

At the end of 1993, Pastor Antonino Garcia arrives to Alcalde Diaz, to More Than Conquerors Church (IMQV), which by then only had a roof and four walls with and attendance of between 30 to 40 people including adults and children.

Focusing on growth and believing for God’s support, the massive evangelism work started in the community. Little by little, and thorough the years, a modest growth started to be noticed. This was the beginning of a great harvest of souls that was about to take place.

The search of an efficient and sustainable growth venue, the family groups work began, a novelty idea that would put the whole church to fulfill the great commission in a personalized way at their homes.

Along with the family groups, strategies were implemented, including, spiritual warfare, uncountable prayer vigils, fasts, late night prayers, rounds over the streets of the community and intercessory prayer for freedom, resulting in a growth that as of today is having an impact not just nationwide but internationally as well.

Today, More Than Conquerors Church (IMQV) have a solid structure of family groups with more than eleven churches nationwide, and more churches in nations like Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, England, India and Africa.


Be an agent of change, help, and a link of growth for our society. Through Jesus, we look to transform the lives of those willing to accept the challenge of salvation; being a source of inspiration for other churches in growth and formation using a method where you can work in time and out of time with the goal of winning one more soul for Christ.

Our purpose is to consolidate the formation of the new people in the gospel, to be able to send them to spread the message of salvation in our country, as well as in foreign nations, with the necessary guidance to take the kingdom of God.


More Than Conquerors Church (IMQV) exists to fulfill the great commission: “Go into all nations and preach the gospel of salvation” of God the father, Jesus the son, and of the Holy Spirit, to adults, youth, and children of our nation and of the whole world. Using a capable team and that loves Jesus, we preach, consolidate and form solid and grounded on the gospel people so that they can also be a part of this great work.

Our vision is to be a church that is known for spreading the gospel of Christ, supporting missionaries, pastors and churches inside and out of our country, taking training, workshops, seminars or any other material to fulfill our mission.