Antonino and Itzel de Garcia

In the Chiriqui Province Antonino Garcia was born. He spent his childhood in a Puerto Armuelles town and when he was 9 years old, he surrender his life to Jesus in a local church. Since that day, he started to dream about becoming a servant of God. As a good dreamer, sometimes he would preach to plants that were behind his house imagining that they were a crowd longing for salvation.
When he turned 13, he left his home with the blessing of his father to conquer his dreams of becoming a minister. Being a 16 years old, he went back to his province and enrolled at the Bible school and he graduates when he was 21, by then his dreams were takin shape.
When he was 17, he became the pastor of a church located in a place called San Carlitos at Chiriqui Province. The church had a membership of 30 people.
Another important part of his ministry was when he became a national and international evangelistic pastor and he visited a lot of countries in Latin America, during a period of five years as an evangelist, he experienced a time of preparation for what God had ahead for him.

Pastor Itzel de Garcia was borne in David City, Chiriqui Province. When she was twelve, she takes the best decision of her life and accepts Jesus as her personal savior. Since that moment, her life was transformed, and she dreamed about becoming a preacher and serve God.
In the year of 1993, her husband, Rev. Antonino Garcia as well as pastor Itzel de Garcia, are installed as pastors in a small church called More Than Conquerors at the Corregimiento de Alcalde Diaz that had by then a membership of 40 people.
As of today, they still pastoring the More Than Conquerors Church (IMQV) where the Lord is backing up their dreams by turning them into reality and taking them to new levels.
The pastoral task of Rev. Antonino Garcia and Itzel de Garcia is mainly to guide the people of God instructing them to love Him and serve Him with all of their heart and soul, make others know the word of God as well as of Christ and His redemptive work, and help them remain in His path, through consolidation and discipleship, trying always to be an example and motivation for each one of the members of this beautiful church.

Their lives have been completed in this ministry that God has given them. Feeling in the right place, and in God’s time.
Believing that “Through God we shall do valiantly”